McKim & Creed designed an I&C system and SCADA for potable water supply and nanofiltration treatment system.

SCADA for Potable Water Supply and Nanofiltration Treatment System

As part of the design for the new Craven County water supply and treatment facility, McKim & Creed provided I&C and SCADA system design services that included project specifications and drawings for the construction project. The design included process & instrumentation diagrams (P&IDs), construction and design details, network communications drawings and equipment specifications. The design was based on an Allen Bradley CompactLogix PLC system with control panels included for the individual filtration skids, the calcite filter system and a balance of plant control panel. The raw water supply includes Remote Telemetry Units (RTUs) at each well location, with small CompactLogix PLCs. Communications between control panels is fiber optic cable based Ethernet, with the plant and well field also connected to a county-wide fiber network system. The County water distribution system can be monitored through RTUs located at water storage tanks and connected to this network.
Plant monitoring and control was provided through Trihedral VTScada software arranged as redundant SCADA servers; and included a historical data collection server for data analysis, trending and reporting operations. Access to the process and the SCADA system was provided to operators through workstations with dual monitors located on a control room operator desk in the administration building.

Additional services provided by McKim & Creed included application programming for the VTScada software, as well as the balance of plant control panel PLCs. All software was coordinated with the equipment vendors for efficient operation, and all computer components coordinated with the County’s Information Technology group for purchase under government contracts. Software development efficiency was gained through PLC function block use and integration of the graphic object with the PLC function blocks.

McKim & Creed SCADA system engineers were involved in the project through the completion of the construction and startup process. This included verification of proper operation for the vendor systems; coordination and testing of the plant well fields, and distribution system and plant support systems; providing owner training for the SCADA system; and construction oversight and inspection.

The SCADA system is expandable to meet the full buildout capability of the plant, with only the need to add individual vendor control panels or new RTUs at future well locations. Expansion of the SCADA system to monitor and control the complete water distribution system, including water tanks, booster pumping stations and other wellfields, is being planned in future projects.

Project Details

Client Craven County, NC
Location Craven County, NC