An image of the Omega Corporation campus in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, showing the solar canopy which covers a large parking lot.

Solar Canopy for Office Building

McKim & Creed provided solar canopy project development and electrical consulting services for a large office building in Pittsburgh. We proudly collaborated on a groundbreaking venture that involved constructing a state-of-the-art 3-MW solar canopy installation. This remarkable project was strategically positioned over the parking lot of a prominent corporate office building, maximizing space utilization and promoting sustainable energy practices.

To meet our client’s needs, our expert team crafted a comprehensive design encompassing all essential solar components, including designing optimal inverters, PV modules, electrical distribution systems, panels, conduit, wiring, transformers, and primary switching mechanisms. By ensuring seamless integration with the utility’s primary service, we aimed to establish a robust connection for efficient power transmission.

Throughout the project’s execution, we coordinated closely with the local utility provider, diligently adhering to their stringent interconnect requirements. This collaborative approach facilitated a smooth integration into the existing power infrastructure, enabling the solar canopy to contribute renewable energy to the grid seamlessly.

At McKim & Creed, we deliver cutting-edge sustainable energy solutions, empowering businesses to embrace sustainable practices while optimizing their operational efficiency.

Project Details

Client Kossman Development
Location Pittsburgh, PA