stormwater cloud-hosted SCADA solution

Stormwater Cloud-Hosted SCADA Solution

McKim & Creed completed a stormwater cloud-hosted SCADA solution that resulted in better visibility and station maintenance at a reduced cost and more reliable operation during weather events.

The City of Virginia Beach, Department of Public Works maintained 16 different stormwater sites and had an existing project to upgrade the remote monitoring at each site with a PLC and remote telemetry. The City wanted to monitor the sites remotely either via computer or mobile device in order to notify members of the stormwater team when a site was in fault or experiencing difficulty so the team could respond quickly and maintain operations.

The City originally contracted McKim & Creed to design and implement the PLC portion of the project and intended to have the HMI development performed by City resources. When these resources were allocated to other priorities, the City selected McKim & Creed to develop and deploy the HMI system.

Our team procured and provided an Azure cloud-hosted primary/redundant pair of VTScada server machines (server class) and a 1000 tag VTScada server license. We developed the VTScada application to  monitor and control the 16 stormwater sites and deployed the VTScada application and client licenses, and performed start-up and commissioning to put all the stations online. We also coordinated and provided a 250MB per-month, per-site private Verizon cellular network for the 16 sites.

An additional scope item included developing up to 25 screens in the application and creating 500 tags. We developed the screens and provided them to the City for review and comment. The project included 10 client licenses that enable the City to monitor and control the system from various computers and other devices, provided they are connected to the network. We configured the remote notification of alarms which were built into the VTScada platform. We also provided one day of on-site training for operations and maintenance staff after installation and programming tasks were complete

Project Details

Client City of Virginia Beach
Location Virginia Beach, VA