SUE and utility coordination

SUE and Utility Coordination Services for US 281

McKim & Creed provided SUE and utility coordination services for a portion of I-69, a 1,650-mile highway through mid-America that stretches from Mexico to Canada. Deemed a High Priority Corridor by the US Congress, I-69 is being developed through a series of upgrade and relief projects that bring existing roadways up to interstate standards.

In Texas, portions of six highways have been designated to become part of the I-69 corridor. McKim & Creed provided SUE services for one of those highway sections, US 281 in Hildago County, Texas. Services include QL-A to QL-D services, as well as overall utility coordination, for US 281 in Edinburg, Texas.

The first step in the process was to create a Texas 811 ticket, which identified nine different utility owners within the project area. These owners were invited to a kickoff meeting in which McKim & Creed provided information about the proposed TxDOT project, answered questions and addressed concerns.

McKim & Creed designated approximately 130,000 linear feet of underground utilities through QL-B. Another 85,000 linear feet were surveyed and recorded through QL-C and D. Forty QL-A test holes were completed for the project as well.

The SUE data and the information received from each of the respective utility owners has been compiled to create a Utility Conflict Matrix. The Utility Conflict Matrix is a living document that allows our team to manage the overall coordination process. McKim & Creed also worked with the utility owners to produce the Utility Agreement Assembly packages that are required for each utility that has to relocate as a result of the proposed project.

Additionally, McKim & Creed led the utility coordination for completing utility agreements and permits to help the utilities relocate out of conflict into the newly acquired ROW.

Project Details

Client Landtech Consultants, Inc.
Location Hildago County, TX