SUE QL-B and A

Texas A&M Nutrition and Food Science Building SUE QL-B and A

McKim & Creed provided SUE QL-B and A services, as well as utility coordination, for an area surrounding the Nutrition and Food Science Building on TAMU’s College Station campus. The purpose of the project was to properly map existing utilities prior to construction on a 5.5-acre site immediately east of the building. University officials required accurate utility information before starting construction.

McKim & Creed performed QL-B mapping on approximately 2,000 linear feet of gas, water, communications, electric, chilled water supply/return, steam and condensate lines. As expected, in some instances the QL-B findings differed significantly— in terms of depth, location and even type of utility—from the record information provided by TAMU. To reconcile these discrepancies, McKim & Creed completed 15 QL-A test holes were dug to secure accurate location information.

Because classes were in session during this time, McKim & Creed’s SUE crews worked closely with TAMU facilities personnel to set working hours that did not impede or conflict with pedestrian and vehicular traffic. Open lines of communication and QA/QC procedures ensured high-quality deliverables that met TAMU’s expectations.

Project Details

Client Texas A&M University
Location College Station, TX
Categories Higher Ed, SUE