Landfill Cap UAS Data Collection

McKim & Creed is employing an unmanned aerial system (UAS) technology to perform data collection for a 30-acre landfill cap. Prior to each data collection, McKim & Creed establishes survey control on the site and obtains coordinates for aerial targets. These points are used for triangulating the aerial imagery and verifying the data quality.

Using our DJI Inspire 2 drone equipped with a Loki RTK system, McKim & Creed collects the site data and performs field data checks to insure image quality before leaving the site. We then auto correlate the project imagery to produce high-accuracy 3D point clouds. Typically, the point cloud has a density of approximately 100 points per square meter. We then verify the point cloud data relative to ground truthing points to ensure geometric accuracy. Using a combination of automated and manual edit/reclassification processes, McKim & Creed classifies the data to support the generation of 1-ft contours.

Deliverables for this project include 1-ft contours (dwg), high-resolution orthophotography (tif), low-resolution orthophotography (pdf), and bare earth 3D point cloud (las). This is an ongoing project, with data being collected at least once per month during the capping process.

Project Details

Client Terracon Consultants, Inc.
Location Henderson, NC
Categories UAS / Drone Surveys