UNC Charlotte South Village Dining Hall

Food brings people together; it provides nourishment, comfort and opportunities for social interaction. It’s an extremely important part of human life, and quality food service can really enhance a college campus experience. Universities rely on varied dining options to satisfy students’ needs and entice them to spend time on campus between and after classes. The University of North Carolina Charlotte (UNC Charlotte) knew that to best serve its students and faculty, it needed a new, high-quality dining hall to provide multiple food service venues and accommodate adjacent residence halls. Thus was born the South Village Crossing Dining Hall (SoVi for short), a 59,150-square-foot, two-story facility complete with a Euro kitchen, deli/grille, hearth bakery, 24-hour diner, carryout facility, and convenience store.

Project Details

Client University of North Carolina at Charlotte
Location Charlotte, NC
Categories Higher Ed