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UNC Genetic Medicine Laboratory Airflow Reduction and Energy Savings

At the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill’s Genetic Medicine Research Building (GMRB), McKim & Creed designed and implemented a laboratory airflow reduction design and recommissioning project that has slashed energy costs, maintained or improved the safety performance of the HVAC system, and extended the life of the equipment. McKim & Creed completed a design review of total building airflow for five floors of laboratory space (approximately 350,000 SF), calculated air-flow reductions based on revised minimum lab air changes of six air changes per hour (ACH) while maintaining pressurization requirements, reviewed 780 terminal units, and implemented all revised airflows. The project has netted UNC approximately $872,000 of energy conservation savings over over years, while also providing improvements in overall building pressurization control and extending the life of the equipment. Subcontractors included controls, test and balance, and mechanical.

Project Details

Client UNC Genetic Medicine Research Building Airflow Reduction and Recommissioning
Location Chapel Hill, NC