This building optimization project at University of North Carolina Wilmington improved indoor air quality and increased energy efficiency. 

UNC Wilmington Teaching Lab Building Optimization

The goal of this building optimization / energy conservation measure (ECM) project at the University of North Carolina Wilmington was to improve indoor air quality and increase energy efficiency.

McKim & Creed initially assessed HVAC system performance in the teaching lab. This included interviewing staff and calibrating air handler sensors, dampers and valves. Following this assessment, UNCW and McKim & Creed identified priorities to correct impacted indoor air quality, occupant comfort and energy efficiency.  Through a design/build contracting agreement, McKim & Creed implemented solutions that improved laboratory space ventilation, temperature and humidity control. The optimization upgrades also increased energy efficiency.  These improvements were realized primarily through changes in the HVAC control system programming.

This building optimization project was completed while the facility was occupied and successfully orchestrated and minimized construction-related impacts to occupants.

“UNCW’s teaching lab energy conservation measure (ECM) project gave us a 1.7 year payback, far surpassing our expectations.” — Steve Sharpe PE, CEM, Energy Manager, University of North Carolina Wilmington

Project Details

Client University of North Carolina Wilmington
Location Wilmington, NC