McKim & Creed developed a VTScada HMI system that features redundant servers, high-performance HMI graphics, and remote alarm notification.

VTSCADA HMI Application

McKim & Creed developed a new VTScada HMI application to replace the previous collections system HMI application. We removed proprietary programming left by a previous integrator and upgraded the software to the newest version while keeping the same look and functionality. This approach removed the instability of the proprietary code and made the transition seamless to the operators.

The screens that represent the plant equipment were developed to match the existing plant HMI screen design so the final product is consistent and easy to use. Through the process we developed demonstration screens that were presented to the City during workshops. Comments were received and incorporated into the screen design to finetune the screens to meet the City’s goals.

The application communicates to more than 150 lift stations and other remote sites through a Motorola system. The development included reverse-engineering the proprietary code and Motorola tagging scheme to properly assign the Motorola addresses within the HMI application. All common screens were developed using templates to reduce the development time and make adding stations in the future simple and quick.

Phase 3 involved replacing and upgrading the iFIX water treatment plant HMI application with a VTScada application. The VTScada system features redundant servers, high-performance HMI graphics, industry best-practice alarm management, mobile HMI client architecture and remote alarm notification.

Project Details

Client City of Boynton Beach
Location Boynton Beaach, FL