McKim & Creed conducted a lead and copper pipe corrosion study at a water treatment plant in Western Pennsylvania. 

Water Treatment Plant Lead and Copper Pipe Corrosion Study

McKim & Creed conducted a study at a water treatment plant in Western Pennsylvania to evaluate the performance of various corrosion inhibiting products on lead and copper pipes.  Immersion testing was initially conducted to narrow down the number of variables for the pipe sample testing.  For this testing, McKim & Creed designed, constructed, and ran two different corrosion inhibiting products, zinc orthophosphate and a proprietary polyphosphate product, at various pHs and doses for six months.  The automated skids automatically flushed the pipes simulating real-world water use.  The resulting data was used to determine the effectiveness of the products at reducing the concentration of lead and copper in the water.

Project Details

Client Client Confidential
Location Western Pennsylvania